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IPoint-Source Replacement Loudspeaker Firm Launches at InfoComm 2024

Silicon Valley, California – June 11, 2024: FlatPanel Audio, makers of the FlatPanel Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML), announced that they’ll debut the company at InfoComm in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will be exhibiting in booth C10156 from 12 – 14 June 2024.

When FlatPanel Audio co-founder Bryan Cole jokes, “Our loudspeakers actually work indoors,” it’s his wry way of contrasting their groundbreaking technology with some well-known  inherent flaws in traditional point-source cone loudspeakers. “Unwanted echo, hot spots, dead spots, collapsed stereo, and degraded intelligibility are all products of correlated sound waves destructively interacting with reflective surfaces indoors,” the former system integrator asserted.

CEO and Founder Denny Mayer detailed the contrast, “It’s just a fact that point-source sound waves multiply reverberant room problems uncorrelated waves solve. Our main challenge at InfoComm is convincing acousticians and system designers we’re selling proven science and not science fiction,” he concluded with a broad smile.

CMO DK Sweet shared Mayer’s concern, stating, “Customers are saying things about the improved sound they’re experiencing that pros steeped in point-source-only reality find hard or impossible to believe.” Asked for examples, Sweet began with a church customer saying in a recorded interview the intelligibility difference between DML500 loudspeakers and the system it replaced in his highly reflective sanctuary was “mind-boggling”.

Bolstering the point, Cole interjected, “If I hadn’t heard FlatPanel DML for myself, I’d find the specs we’re claiming not credible, maybe laughable.” With a chuckle, Mayer related a recent anecdote from a French integrator, “At the end of the demo this guy asked with a straight face, “Is this some kind of black magic?”

Brightening, Sweet opined, “Blowing customers away so much they say stuff like that is a good problem to have.” Adding with mock solemnity, “And we welcome that challenge almost as much as we welcome the watermelon basil margaritas at (Las Vegas’) Ghost Donkey.” For more hard-to-swallow claims about room size sweet spots, absent echoes, vastly superior sound quality emerging 165° conically from 2.2” thick loudspeakers, go to


About FlatPanel Audio: FlatPanel Audio is a team of industry veterans with a history of bringing breakthrough solutions to market including Auto-Tune, Mackie mixers, and the first Distributed Mode Loudspeakers. The Silicon Valley-based firm, founded in 2024, provides AV professionals, architects, and acousticians products replacing antiquated point-source loudspeakers that exacerbate room sound problems, with 21st century uncorrelated sound wave technology, yielding vastly superior audio quality without the need to substantially alter beautiful interiors. Visit for more information.