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The only loudspeakers that can make a bad room sound phenomenal…all by themselves

FlatPanel loudspeakers solve room problems old school speakers multiply

A view of the FlatPanel Audio DML500 loudspeaker from the rear corner, showing off its thin profile


It’s not black magic…honest.

Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) behave entirely unlike traditional loudspeakers. Diffuse, uncorrelated sound waves emerge non-destructively, continuing to diffuse free of echoes, comb filtering, and collapsed stereo no matter the amount of glass, tile, wood floors, or walls and ceilings lacking sound-absorbing treatments.

Acousticians describe the phenomenon with complicated math. No algebra is required, however, to experience DML’s exceptionally intelligible, freakishly stereo-stable sound throughout every square foot of an extremely reverberant, normally bad-sounding space. The difference defies expectation. So much so, one listener asked us, “is this some kind of black magic?”


Different sounds way better

Glass, stone and wood make for beautiful or useful spaces. Unfortunately, the sound waves bouncing off a shiny gym floor or large stained glass windows significantly degrade sound quality. FlatPanel loudspeakers project sound so differently the result is the clearest possible sound indoors. Our technology uses uncorrelated sound waves to radiate audio over almost eight octaves with a very wide frequency band. Amazingly feedback resistant, and an unchanging room-size stereo sweet spot.


Ceiling installation of FlatPanel Audio loudspeakers

DML500 Loudspeaker

A uniquely affordable solution

Exceptionally intelligible, unchanging stereo emerges 165° conically from our 44 pound, 35.5” x 21.6” x 3.5” DML500 loudspeakers. Sayonara hot and dead spots, ubiquitous treatments, DSP crutches, and lengthy installs. Hello superb power handling and awe-struck listeners.

Front and rear view of the FlatPanel Audio DML500 loudspeaker

DML500A Loudspeaker

Created for architects and designers

We designed the DML500A to facilitate custom integration of 165° (conical) wide sound virtually anywhere it needs to be heard but less seen. You’ll find its form factor vanishing into ceilings and walls in any environment where décor is important.

FlatPanel Audio DML500A loudspeaker

LS212 Subwoofer

Paired for premium performance

Combined with DML500 loudspeakers, the LS212 subwoofer produces a tight, well-defined bass, contributing to exceptionally natural, full-spectrum sound. Designed from the ground up to specifically complement our FlatPanel loudspeakers, installation often requires only simply setting a crossover point employing default system settings. Veteran installers are amazed at the lack of tweaking required to achieve superior sound.

LS212 Subwoofer from FlatPanel Audio

LS118 Subwoofer

A solid bass foundation for the DML500

Our LS118 Subwoofer delivers excellent dynamics and output from a compact cabinet profile that can be easily ground-stacked or flown in multiples of two, three, or four units. It uses a front-loaded, single 18-inch woofer that features a bent bass reflex port. Rated to handle 2400 Watts of program power and 3600 Watts of peak power, the LS118 is designed to perfectly complement our FlatPanel loudspeakers.

LS118 Subwoofer from FlatPanel Audio

LEA Professional

The most integrator-friendly amp-loudspeaker pairing on the planet

We wanted an amp partner with integration as radically simple as our FlatPanel loudspeakers. The only amps we found meeting that high bar are all from LEA Professional. Why? Their groundbreaking remote web-based management and monitoring is a time-saving godsend for integrators and users. Add robust reliability, 25 models ranging from 30 to 1500 watts per channel (with or without Dante networking) in 1/2, 1, or 2 rack space form factors, and you’ll understand why we’re so confident including LEA products in our system recommendations. 

LEA Professional amp model F1504D

Hear it for yourself

Our loudspeakers are a simpler, faster, and less expensive solution that uses unique, proven technology. But it’s the joy of watching customers experience remarkably improved sound quality for the first time throughout their space that explains why you should get a demo.

The first thing I noticed was how crystal clear the high end sounded. As I moved around the room, nothing changed. It’s like the stereo field didn’t collapse. It was like they were 3D sound. Now I just want to use them on everything!

Aaron Pearce

Producer and Songwriter

The difference is absolutely mind-boggling.

Roger Biddick

First United Methodist Church, Redlands, California


Empowering AV professionals

FlatPanel Audio delivers world-changing loudspeaker technology.

We’re a team of industry veterans with a history of bringing breakthrough solutions to market like Auto-Tune, Mackie Mixers, and the first Distributed Mode Loudspeakers.

Our mission is to empower AV professionals, architects, and acousticians with products that solve one of their oldest challenges—achieving the very best sound quality without altering beautiful interiors.

FlatPanel Audio logo

Frequently asked questions

Are amplifiers bundled with your systems?

We offer cutting edge technology from LEA Professional. Amplifiers can be purchased separately or as part of product bundles.

how can we become an authorized FlatPanel Audio dealer?

If you are a certified Tectonic dealer, let us know so we can update our records. New dealers can apply online.

What’s the warranty on FlatPanel Audio products?

We offer industry-leading warranties on all our products: 5 years on FlatPanel products. When you purchase our products bundled with an LEA Amplifier, we extend our warranty on FlatPanel loudspeakers and subwoofers from 5 years to 6 years.

From where are FlatPanel products shipped?

All of our products will be warehoused in San Jose, California. We’re bringing the assembly of FlatPanel DML products home to the USA. Our subwoofer products will continue to be manufactured overseas to our design specifications.

What’s the availability of products?

We have access to inventory ready to ship. If you have questions about specific quantities, just contact us.

Will FlatPanel Audio offer design services?

Absolutely! Please share your project with us by using the Design Services Request form. We’ll review the space and application, and provide FlatPanel, subwoofer, as well as amplification, recommendations. Need a connectivity “one line” drawing as well? Just let us know! We can even preconfigure the amplifiers for you.